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  • With Some Thought and a Little Creativity you can Bring Taste and Artistry to any Living Space.

    South Florida has a mind-boggling number of sources for flooring, furniture, contractors, artwork, accessories, etc. This can be stressful for those unfamiliar with the market or a pleasure with the help of a professional to guide you. Designers spend their lives securing the best contractors and vendors who will deliver high-quality goods, exceptional finishes and service. In the end the interior designer’s reputation will be bolstered or tarnished by the client’s satisfaction – so they had best make good choices or they won’t be in the business long-term.

    An interior designer plays many roles including psychologist, business negotiator and artist. Homeowners and large commercial concerns alike vary from those who have a strong sense of style to those who have no idea about where to start a project. Tapping into the client’s taste, and elevating it while developing a cohesive, timeless design concept is no simple task.

    Let’s say we have a homeowner who has grown tired of the mellow-pink-polka dot motif of their home and wants something refreshing and new. At the end of the project they love the clean lines, and the timeless beauty of their dramatic “conservative with an edge” styled home. It’s the process in the middle that can become messy without a designer to orchestrate the project.  

    Style can be trendy or timeless – tacky or tasteful. For example, Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs from nearly a century ago remain relevant because of clean lines and organic use of space: Timeless and tasteful. Regardless of a project’s style or scope, an interior designer can help avoid trends that will quickly make a space feel dated. Ensuring a refined end product is always the goal.

    Clients sometimes have strong sentimental ties to pieces of furniture, or decorative items they’ve collected. The decision about what to keep can become a major challenge for clients. An interior designer can help provide a cohesive vision that will minimize the clients’ drama when making these decisions.

    From navigating the ever-growing international art market here, to forging relationships with local galleries and artists, an interior designer often has the ability to negotiate the best price, and arrange delivery and installation of art. It’s wonderful if you purchase a piece of art that appreciates in value, but seasoned curators will tell you to never count on that. Buy what you love! With a designer’s trained eye you can add that wow factor, those pops of color, the perfect lighting – the masterstrokes that will transform your space and match your goals.

    Most of us have watched design shows on TV and thought, “I could do that!” DIY is great if you have time, some talent and don’t mind learning from your mistakes. A professionally trained, experienced designer will help you avoid making costly mistakes and guide you to a finished project that you likely could have never achieved on your own – often saving you money and tons of grief in the process. The art of interior design can best be appreciated once you’ve experienced it first hand. Working with the right interior designer is one of the best choices you’ll ever make.

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