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  • Member Spotlight, Bryce Goodwin, Senior Brand Manager, Bacardi Rums at Bacardi

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    November 02, 2015
    We always start our interviews by asking you to tell us a bit about yourself and, if you have always lived in Miami?

    I moved to Miami to work for Bacardi USA almost four years ago.  Manhattan had been home for over 12 years but I’m actually a fourth-generation Californian.  My passions tell you more about me than my work: I love tennis and am a 4.0 rated tennis player by the US Tennis Association; I can’t stop traveling (have visited 55 countries and studied in four); and I’ve volunteered for LGBT organizations ever since my college days at Georgetown.
    You have been employed by Bacardi for many years…tell us a bit about the organization and their support of the diversity movement?

    As a company, Bacardi has supported LGBT organizations for decades; and community involvement is highly valued at the company.   It thrills me to work for a company that is aligned with the same community causes and social values as I am.  I couldn’t have it any other way.
    You (and your partner Victor Lirio) have been very active with local LGBT organizations.  Why do you find activism important?
    Yes, my fiancé Victor Lirio (we’re getting married in November!) and I actively support two main causes: LGBT activism, through several organizations; and eradicating poverty in Victor’s home country, the Philippines, particularly through the Philippine Development Foundation. 
    I started getting involved in LGBT causes because, simply, I’m impatient and wanted social and political equality right away.  And that’s why activism is important: if you want progress, you have to help make it happen.  A former boss once told me: If you wait to be invited to the dinner table, you’ll starve.

    As a Bacardi brand manager, you have a very active travel schedule.  You have any tips you would like to share about how you keep your stamina?.
    Ah, you assume that I keep up my stamina!  I strive for balance—even though I don’t always succeed—and that helps keep me sane.  A wise professor taught me at Wharton to think of my life in four interlocking circles: family, community, self and work. And when those circles are balanced, you’ll have the energy to thrive.  Victor helps keep my family unit solid; tennis relieves my stress, work excites my creativity and LGBT activism gives me a sense of purpose.

    You have been a member of MDGLCC for many years.  What makes the Chamber worthy of that support?
    The Chamber plays a vital role in unifying our diverse community.  I’ve made connections through the Chamber I would have never made otherwise. It is these connections--professional and personal—that make us a stronger, more tightly knit community.  And that makes life richer.    
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