• Member Spotlight: Interview with Alan Yabar VP, Marketing Manager, South Florida Region Wells Fargo

  • Q: Please share with us a bit of your personal background.
    A: South Florida has been my home for the last seven years and I’ve loved every minute of it. With its wonderfully diverse people, warm weather and beautiful beaches, every day is an adventure here. Prior to my move, I lived in Los Angeles California where I still have the majority of my Colombian/Peruvian family and many incredible friends. Thankfully there are many parallels between both cities, making for a smooth transition.

    I jumped aboard the Wells Fargo Stagecoach in 2002 as a part-time docent at the Wells Fargo History Museum in San Diego, CA (yes, Wells Fargo has 11 museums throughout the US housing history of over 160 years), later transitioning to work as a Marketing Consultant for the Los Angeles Metro market and in 2010 moving to Miami as the South Florida Regional Marketing Manager overseeing the local marketing strategy for more than 150 banking locations.

    Once here, I had the pleasure of founding Wells Fargo’s South Florida LGBT team member network (PRIDE South Florida), which champions diversity and promotes awareness through professional and personal opportunities. Additionally, I’m an active member of the company’s Diversity Council and volunteer program.

    I hold an M.B.A from the University Of Redlands School Of Business and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from San Diego State University. I am also a graduate from the American Bankers Association School of Bank Marketing and Management.

    Q: In your role as south Florida Marketing Manager, please share with us a couple of market success stories you have been a part of.
    A: Most recently, I’m proud to have worked with the team that led the efforts around our third annual Weekend of Service engaging more than 1,800 Wells Fargo team members to volunteer their personal time in partnership with over 50 South Florida non-profit organizations. We served meals for homeless people, painted and repaired homes, cleaned beaches and more all over the course of a weekend. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience that we now strive to keep as a tradition every year.

    In 2010, I was proud to be a part of the team that led the merger between Wells Fargo and Wachovia, one of the largest and most complex mergers in banking history. Ensuring that we took great care of our customers and team members during this time has been, by far, one of the my most rewarding and challenging professional experiences.

    Q: Wells Fargo has a history of support for the LGBT Market and nowhere is that more evident than in South Florida.  As an openly gay man, do you see that support being sustained given the current goals of the organization?
    A: For more than 25 years, Wells Fargo has actively supported the LGBT community.  In fact, our history of serving diverse communities goes as far back as 1852, when we first opened our doors for business. Since the 1980s, we added sexual orientation to our nondiscrimination policy. And in 1998, all benefits extended to spouses of team members were also extended to the domestic partners.From providing financial education for LGBT businesses to supporting hundreds of Pride events to our early funding for HIV/AIDS research, we've shown our commitment to the LGBT community. 

    To us, our support of the LGBT community is not just about  our sponsorship of hundreds of PRIDE parades, events, LGBT nonprofit organizations like the Miami Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber locally and the prestigious Point Foundation nationally or our support of LGBT anti-bullying campaigns like GLSEN. It’s about our belief that diversity is fundamental to our success – it is a part of our Vision and Values – and it helps us develop an inclusive culture that is accepting of all of our differences and open to new ideas, allowing us to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    We are proud of our ongoing tradition and commitment to equality and inclusion for all our LGBT customers, team members and communities.  And work hard to build and sustain a culture where people feel valued and respected for who they are, as well as for their skills and experiences. We are truly committed to supporting the long-term prosperity of LGBT individuals, families and businesses.  Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is fundamental to us being one of the world’s great companies.

    Q: As a West Coast based bank, what are some of the unique features of doing business in this market?
    A: With South Florida being known as the “Gateway to the Americas” we have the unique opportunity to work with customers with richly diverse and international experiences and that gives us the chance to help them succeed financially-- both with their consumer and business needs.

    From the perspective of a marketing professional, this community is both a dream and a challenge, because we have to position the value of a banking relationship to people of many cultures, languages, socio-economic backgrounds and needs.

    Q: As a Corporate Partner Member of MDGLC, what makes the Chamber worthy of your support?
    A: As a financial institution, supporting the efforts of the MDGLCC is the right thing to do and one of the most important things we do at Wells Fargo. Aside from providing the platforms for LGBT businesses to grow and add jobs for our community to prosper, it also unites professionals by bringing them together for everyone’s success

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