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  • Member Spotlight: Interview with Bill Warren, Benefits Design Resources, Inc.

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    February 14, 2016
    Q: We always start our interviews by asking you to tell us a bit about yourself and if you have always lived in Miami?

    A: I’ve been living in Miami since the early 1980’s, which was a long time ago and that city was a lot different from the Miami today.  I’m from Virginia where I attended Virginia State University. Upon finishing college I accept a position with Travelers Insurance company in the Employee Benefits Sales Division which required that I relocate to the insurance capital of the U.S., Hartford, CT, to work and train in the Corporate Home Office.  Upon completing this assignment, I was transferred to the Traveler’s Miami Office which at the time was located on Brickell Ave.  I had an excellent 14 year career with Travelers; however, other job opportunities within the insurance industry were presented and I subsequently worked for two other major insurance companies.  While working for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, they graciously sponsored my MBA at the University of Miami. In 2005 I resigned from my position as Director of Account Management at Humana to open Benefits Design Resources.  My company is an independent insurance agency located on Lincoln Road that specializes in the sales and servicing of healthcare, dental, life, disability and long term care insurance products for both businesses and individuals.  As you can see, I’ve worked in the insurance industry my entire adult life.

    Q: As a professional man in the Insurance industry, what are some of your “keys to success” in building your customer base?

    A: I think the “keys to success” are being visible in the community that you serve, conduct business with integrity, enjoy what you do and to be more willing to give than to receive.  It is extremely important to get involved in the community so your brand will be recognized, valued and respected.  The Chamber has been an essential partner in helping to facilitate my exposure.  When I started Benefits Design Resources I joined three chambers to get to know the business community and to build my business and my brand.  I’ll have to admit the MDGLCC has been significantly more beneficial in helping to build my business.  I receive far more business opportunities from this Chamber than the other chambers combined.  Building solid relationships within the business community are essential for starting and growing a business.  MDGLCC members have been a main source of business referrals from me; however, I know these business people will only refer their customers and friends when they are comfortable that I’m going to take care and do the right thing for the client.  This the reason that integrity and authenticity are extremely important business character traits.  I try to conduct both, my personal and professional life by a quote I read from Oprah Winfrey which said…. “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one will know the difference”.

    Q: Can you share with us how can the LGBT community benefit of the services at Benefits Design Resources, Inc.?

    When clients come to me they know they are going to get a fair, honest  and professional assessment of their insurance needs.  I’m someone that they know or that they were referred to me by someone they trust.  I’m local and visible in the community so they know they are doing business with someone they see on a regular basis.  I am someone who understand and can personally identify with the insurance needs of the LGBT community which sometimes can be non-traditional.   I’m not a random person on an 800 number who does not have a vested interest in the customer or the community.  I have to make sure that my customers are satisfied and are receiving the services they need, expect and deserve since I see many of them on a regular basis on Lincoln Road, at restaurants, the gym, Chamber events, at Unity on the Bay or other places around town.

    Q: You have been a member of MDGLCC for many years.  What makes the Chamber worthy of that support?

    A: When I started Benefit Design Resources in 2005, I was introduced to Steve Adkins the same year and joined the chamber immediately and have been a loyal member since that time.  I try to attend as many chamber events as possible to maintain existing relationships and to continually meet new people to expose my brand and the services I provide.  When I meet new people through the Chamber, I’m not only seeking new opportunities for Benefits Design Resources but this allows me to expand the sphere of my contacts so I can be a resource for clients, other businesses and friends.  Also, I believe it is important to be a good business citizen in the community and supporting the Chamber supports this intention.  The Chamber does great work advocating for both the LGBT and business community so it’s important to support the Chamber because they cannot continue their great work with the personal and financial support of chamber members.
    Bill Warren
    bwarren@bdrinsurances.com, (305) 604-8035
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