• Protect Your Business - and Yourself - from Scams & Fraud

  • This November, Florida Power & Light Company joined dozens of utilities nationwide for "Utilities United Against Scams," a campaign to educate consumers about how to protect themselves against scams and fraud.
    Scammers continue to find new ways to target not only FPL customers, but companies across all industries nationwide. The first step to protecting yourself and your business is to recognize suspicious activity. This can take many forms, such as:

    • Someone pretending to be an employee or contractor to gain access to your home or business;
    • A company claiming to be your provider, or associated with them, that solicits your personal information or offers to sell you products and services over the phone or through the mail; and
    • Emails, websites or mobile apps that appear to be from your provider and require you to submit personal information or make a payment.
    Don't fall victim to scams or fraud. Learn how to keep yourself, your family and your business secure at FPL.com/protect.

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