• Proud to Speak for the LGBTQ+ Community on Cetera's Financial DEIB Advisory Council

  • With LGBTQ+ Pride Month quickly approaching, the significance of Financial Advisor David Treece of Treece Financial Group joining a national financial services council focused on diversity and inclusion becomes clear.

    Treece states, "I have been shouting from the mountaintop for years about the need for more diversity in the industry at all levels of financial services. All that hard work has led to my earning one of 12 seats on the Cetera Financial Group’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Advisory Council, giving me a platform to more directly make change on a wider scale."

    The Advisory Council is co-led by Fanci Worthington, VP Branch Manager at Cetera Investors, and Stephen Oliver, Founder of Manhattan Ridge Advisors. LeAnn Rummel, head of Cetera Investment Services, is the executive sponsor from Cetera. The Council’s launch and Treece's role were featured in Financial Planning magazine.

    Treece continues, "For me, this is the continuation of a long journey so that individuals in the LGBTQ community can feel confident that the work we have put in for our entire lives to build our financial future will be treated with respect, dignity and seriousness. While I and my team focus on helping LGBTQ individuals make the best financial decisions, many firms put up an invisible wall, and sometimes a not-so-invisible wall, when an LGBTQ person faces challenges and seeks out opportunities to make their wealth and assets work for them. Now as in the recent past, there is a big focus on health, beneficiaries, and legal documents that establish who is responsible for what and who gets what if something like COVID-19 or some other calamity strikes. As in the past, I have volunteered to be that voice for our community."

    The DEIB Advisory Council is devoted to advancing diversity and inclusion in the field of financial advice, an industry for which equal access and diverse representation are especially needed. The mission of the council is to embrace diversity and strengthen under-represented voices within the financial professional community.

    "There is a lot of work ahead, and as always I look to you for support and guidance. I am one person, but together we can be a powerful voice for the rights of the LGBTQ community that will bring change to the hearts and minds of the rest of the country. Join me by contacting me at 305-751-8855."

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