• Spotlight Interview: Jesper Soerensen, GM Shore Club

  • Q: Please share with us a bit of your personal background.

    A: I was born and raised in Denmark. I grew up wanting to explore and travel the world so I left Denmark in 1996 to embark on USA, Nicaragua and London. I first spent 10 years in USA (Miami and LA) where after I was six months in Nicaragua, and finally moved to London where I spent 10 years. Work offered me an opportunity again in United States and in 2013 I moved to Miami for the second time where I currently call home. Prior to 1996, I went to school for four years to become a hair stylist, and later worked as Spa Manager in Los Angeles while working as platform artist for hair care companies and traveled all over the United States. With this job I was transferred to Miami in 1999 where I opened my own salon. This led me to being introduced to hospitality through a good client of mine. Being adventurous I took a job at a prominent hotel in Miami which led to a position in London. I learned everything about hotels and worked my way up through various departments to become the General Manager I am today at Shore Club

    Q: In your role as General Manager of the Shore Club in Miami Beach, please share with us a couple of interesting guest stories you are proudest of.

    A: There are so many great stories about amazing guests and staff members and what goes in to an above and beyond guest experience, but our hotel motto is to we never kiss and tell. I will say though it's never boring and you learn a lot about different people and certainly about your own abilities to adapt and learn.

    Q:You, SBE (formerly Morgan’s Hotel Group) and the Shore Club have a history of support for diversity and inclusion. As an openly gay man, do you see that support being sustained given the current goals of the organization?  

    A: Ian Schrager, Morgans Hotel Group and now sbe are pioneers in hospitality. Diversity and inclusion are our strengths. We embrace what’s different and see it as strengths and an opportunity to develop some amazing individuals for our hotels and restaurants throughout the world.

    Q: Your native country Denmark has a history of embracing diversity.  What is one thing that we here in the USA could adopt that you would like to see happen?

    A: I feel an open mind and no judgement will get everyone far in life. It's the natural curiosity to explore without putting limitations on yourself or trying to fit in with what’s identified as normal in society. Denmark is a very happy place and it fosters open minded, kind and ambitious individuals.

    Q: As a Corporate Partner Member of MDGLCC, what makes the Chamber worthy of your support?

    A: MDGLCC reflects what I stand for and what I firmly believe in. It's the willingness to help and reach out. To motivate, to grow and believe in yourself, and everyone on the planet has a place and a purpose without prejudice.

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