• Tax Issues

  • Many people fall into the tax trap where they attempt to cut corners and end up having a problem with the IRS. Although the following list is not all-inclusive, it gives a number of common examples of taxpayer behavior that the IRS considers fraudulent and/or criminal:

    1. Concealing financial accounts.
    2. Reporting personal expenses as business expenses.
    3. Taking payments in cash and failing to deposit them in order to avoid tax consequences.
    4. Claiming an exemption for a spouse when you are not married.
    5. Claiming an exemption for a dependent whom you never supported.
    6. Using a false social security number.
    7. Creating false business expenses for tax purposed.
    8. Inflating the value of business expenses.
    9. Under-reporting Income.
    10. Transferring assets to conceal them.

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