• Plugged-in Newsletter Instructions

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    member newsMDGLCC members in good standing have the opportunity to have their announcements included in our weekly “PluggedIN – Member Announcements” e-blasts that is sent to our database of over 9,000 people every Thursday. Only one Member announcement per week is allowed.

    1. Members can make use of the e-blast a certain number of weeks per year:
      • BASIC Members – up to 20 weeks
      • BRONZE Members– up to 40 weeks
      • SILVER Members– 52 weeks
      • GOLD Members - 52 weeks.
    2. MUST login and input announcement on gaybizmiami.com by 12pm on Friday for these in to appear in Thursday’s e-blast of the following week.
    3. Members need to login with their access information at gaybizmiami.com and input your content based on the type of announcement being submitted.
      • News Releases - i.e. announcements, news, general information
      • Event - i.e. grand openings, special events, programming
      • Shop at the Dot - i.e. promotions, specials, happy hours
    4. Send an email to pluggedin@gaybizmiami.com for inclusion in the newsletter. (Please place in Subject line "PluggedIN Submission") GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE members ONLY are allowed to include a graphic or logo and 100 words of teaser text that will link to the News, Event or Promotion you created on our website. BASIC will have a title linked.
      • GOLD AND SILVER Members
        • Flyer or graphic scaled or sized to 300 pixels wide and max of 400 pixels tall
        • Logo scaled to 300 pixels wide
      • BRONZE Members
        • Logo scaled to 300 pixels wide